Won’t you save me,

San Diego! :]

Favorite! Props to Kimb. :p
So yesterday was San Diego trip with Eric, Stacey, Jessica, Jan, Krystina, Yokie, Vincent, Des, Leo, Kimb, and Jeff. It was so much fun! When we all met at Eric’s, most of us were hungry, hahaha. So we ate at Smashburger in San Diego. Thanks to Eric and Yokie for driving us there and back. :]
[Warning: I’ve finally picked up my camera and really used it despite my Saturday usage. And i’ve decided to play with fish eye lenses. And.. some may not come out well so excuse my amateurish photography skills. :p]

It was quite yummy actually! And I got IBC root beer … in bottle! :] The lady was enough to give me the bottle cap ^.^ And Jeff had Eric believe that it was a beer bottle, hahaha.

Then we head to the beach! ^.^ Waded in water then went to snorkeling. :] Only Eric, Jessica, Stacey, and Jeff went snorkeling. Jillian and I didn’t have our gears but we wanted to swim so we swam. Then Jeff let us borrowed his goggles and we saw all those fishies and sharks (small cute ones) It was awesome!! Would like to do it again but maybe somewhere with more clearer water? Scuba diving!! That will be next too! :D Ah so fun.

After the beach, we head back to Eric’s. What a long drive!! There was traffic and I didn’t sleep until I maybe 30 minutes away from his house. Haha.. whew! We were hungry and we were about to go eat sushi but it closed so we went to eat Wings. Leo, Jillian, Stacey, and Desiree had a tiny lick of Atomic, the hottest sauce on the list. Jeff, on the only hand, decided to lick the whole sample.

And boy, what an outcome. X]

It was soo hot, he drank my cup of iced tea. Hahahaha. So he says its hotter than Buffalo Wild Wings but not as hot as the ramen challenge x].

Then finally we all left home. A great day! I never had so much fun! :] Everyone definitely had fun and I was so tired that when I got home, I just KO’d hahaha. Whew! :]


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