“Hey, did you hear about the one that got away?”

They say he looked left, she turned right.
Meant to be together but not that night.
It’s when fate running late, we tend to make mistakes.

Yesterday as some of you know was Jeff’s birthday! We spent the day at OC Fair and the Train Concert. *SQUEALS* So this is how it went.
We got there and saw animals (even saw little alaskan pigs races! They were so cute!)

3 little piggies went to market… and went to sleep. =.=

Goat! We were walking around in petting area and so many goats kept looking foods from us, hahaha. One of them even got snag of my purse strap!

We ate at the fair and I was somehow in the mood for sour cream so I ordered sourcream and bacon on fries and Jeff wanted to try chocolate-covered bacons. But now see this, those bacons were okay. Because they were straight from the refrigerator. If it was fresh, maybe it’ll be different. It’s interesting. hahaha


We walked around through booths and exhibitions and shops. There were even ice museum which was nice during the hot weather, haha. Oh and we bumped into my friends from youth group, Debbie, Kingston, and Dong. ^.^ Watched some circus bits. There were gardens galore to see and they had sunflowers!! ^.^ I love sunflowers!! So Jeff took pictures of me with sunflowers and so many times it would come out like this.

He would complain and try to tell me to smile! I did!! He just didn’t click fast enough. :p.

Then we were off to Train concert. AIII

I look like a maniac. Please excuse me. I was too excited to see Train! :p

Yes, that’s Patrick Monahan, the vocal from the Train! *SQUEALS* Never had I experienced the most fun concert and a fun band! Patrick was so uber sweet and fun!! Hahaha. He really enjoyed his time and he does look like he’s having fun too! ^.^

During the song Marry Me, he walked around! So nice! We were that close. Yeah, see that arrow? That’s his head. He was too fast and I was too short so I had Jeff take a picture but somebody got in the way. punk! But it’s all good, I enjoyed the concert and I loved the band! :]. He would pick some people from audience and it just made the whole concert so spontaneous! He even brought out his two little kids, oh so adorable! Then of course, I couldn’t forget Jimmy Stafford, the guitarist and Scott Underwood, the drummer. They made it happen with their music. *SQUEALS* hahaha Train’s cool :D. As soon he sang Save Me, San Francisco and Hey Soul Sister from his newest album, everyone sang and everyone just know the song. It was awesomee to hear everyone sing together and stuff! Woo!

Pat sang one of his singles, If It’s Love? and took picture of us on his twitter! :p. We’re on right side, hahaha. Too tiny but cool!
Train’s Tweeter

Whew! Since the OCFair closes at midnight so we got our chance to go on the ferris wheel. The tickets allowed us a free ride. So, POD:


Oh ofcourse, we still went to play carnival games. We tried to get Pikachu but we failed and failed and failed. Oh good grief! hahaha. So it was a fun day :] Happy Birthday, Jeff! :D


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

One thought on ““Hey, did you hear about the one that got away?””

  1. YAYYY! I’m so glad you had an amazing time! :D

    I went to the OC Fair to see All-American Rejects–my first ever “real” concert. I remember it being a really nice venue (:

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