“Dude, there’s something blue on the sky…

Not sure if you see it.”
The text I get just few minutes away from midnight. I absently walked to my backyard, hahaha and I didn’t see anything. So then another text says it’s south so its in front. *ding* Ohh. Okay. So I took a look in peephole first, and I saw something BLUE! Hahaha. I open the door to see a white paper with my name and blue light just hanging from the roof! ^.^
Then the ah-may-zing guy came out. You see, he made me stay up until midnight for this. Hahaha. Yup, for my birthday!! So I had bit of trouble trying to get the paper off so I pulled to break the string. It works, :p. Inside were several layers of papers. Thanks Jeffy! Hahaha, but the final “envelop” had a present for me. Two tickets to the Train concert! *SQUEALS!* I was really happy but I couldn’t make much noise as my parents were sleeping, hahahaha.

Blame the mac for not seeing the tickets clearly. But that was fun! :). He left back to his cousin’s place and I went to sleep after couple hours of me merely hugging him like forever. Hahaha. So I woke up, went out to lunch with Jeffy. Yummy sushi. Then went back and waited for Justin so we can head to park to play basketball. Man, I need a lot of practice! But I beat him in a game up to seven :p. Because I’m a beast at 3 pointers! :p. Been trying to shoot like Fisher, like a Rainbow arch. Then went back home and get ready for drive-in movie time ^.^ I finally got my wallets hehe. But I was looking for my hearing aids when Matty just arrived to pick me up. Hahaha I found it anyway. Gave the present to Bwent (his birthday is after mine, so hence today!! :D). Waited for everyone then head to Drive-In theatre only to see the gates not opened yet. -_- The rest of us got bit hungry so we went to the mall to grab a snack. I had Oreos Cookies and Cream ice cream. Yumm. Then we head back. Watched Toy Story 3!! But I had a huge pounding headache so I basically listened and slept through half of the movie. Ugh. But the other half I watched, it was pretty cool :D! I love Toy Story! The first Pixar movie (1995). Then I slept through the other movie, The Prince of Persia, I think. But at least my headache went away. Went back to Bwent’s home, ate dinner, had cake (Lakers color cake, yellow for me, and purple for Bwent, ahahah) Then went back home.

Good birthday :) But it doesn’t end right now :D


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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