Rise and shine!!

Happy Father’s Day!! :) Don’t forget to give some love!

Yes! Remember the cocoon earlier? Well, my mother had found 6 more. And as of today, four of them are already butterflies! (Or in some kids’ cases, Butterfrees!) It was cool! The picture you saw is the same caterpillar and cocoon I’ve been taking pictures! :). I’m glad I got the chance to see them before I leave to Oregon ^.^. Now two more cocoons! Two of them looks ready today!! The other one might need one more day or so! But then, you never know! That’s the fun part! :]]

Man, what a great day to end 18 :). Well, in correction to the above statements.. all cocoons look ready! My parents and I were ready to leave for lunch but that changed as we saw one butterfly emerged from cocoon! So my father and I waited and waited for more than hour to see this butterfly fly! I got it on video. I did not get it when it was flexing its wings but I did get it fly :). It was gorgeous! Then another one has emerged as well and will be taking it time to get ready :). I’m so glad to have seen something like this just before I fly out to Oregon! Apparently, for this one, it takes two weeks to turn into butterfly! Did you know the butterfly cannot fly if its body temperature is lower than 86 degrees?? Yeah, I’ve been researching a bit ever since I found the caterpillar and the cocoon! It’s worth all the waiting in the hot sun for long time!! While my dad and I waited, my mom figured it will be easier to eat at home so she brought out some foods for us to eat and wait. ^.^

Just fresh out of the cocoon and now letting the gravity do the work to spread the wings.

I got to play with macro for a bit. :p. And as for here, this guy is the sixth one to come out and is prepping to fly! :).
6 downs, 2 more to go!

Will try to upload video later :)


Fly, Butterfree, Fly! from Kai Chan on Vimeo.


And expect a surprise tomorrow! :p


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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