“Wait, who else is coming?” *updated*

*thinks to self: so much for surprise…*


So how the day went yesterday? (since its officially the next day.. man, posting at midnight!?) Let’s see, I made a plan with JPak to have a hangout. But what he doesn’t know is that there are others coming out for his mini so-called-surprise birthday hangout. “So-called-surprise” you asked. You see, I plan for him to arrive my home first, then Denis and Jeffy would arrive after. You know, “ooh more people?!” Then head to Guppy’s and have Des and Vinc already there. (Leo, KimB, Rafael, and Justin couldn’t come but they’re in our thoughts!). That didn’t happen.

You see, Jeffy ended up coming really early. Then JPak. Then Denis. When I drove all of them to Guppy’s, Des and Vinc arrived bit late. Alas, all is not lost! We ordered and had huge shaved ice with mixed fruits. NOMNOMNOM! But it was so big (consider their definition of size “small”) that we didn’t finish it! After, we head to Yes Plaza and played game of basketball and try our luck against the CLAW! Vinc and Des managed to get some!
I failed thrice. :(. But I finally tried the basketball shooting game. I got the score of 111 the first time and 112 the second time. Man, talk about huge improvement PFFT. JPak did really well the third time though! Vinc, well I’ll let pictures explain it :p!

After, we head to Buffalo Wild Wings and hope to get a table due to Lakers vs Celtics Finals game. Well, we didn’t. But I bumped into my friend though it was nice to see him! :) So instead, we ordered to-go and went to my house to watch it there. First half was bit slow and messy. Third quarter? We didn’t watch. Why? We decided to order 6 pieces of Blazin’ (hottest sauce they had) Wings. One for each. We got extra one though! So we tried it, it was so hot we had to drink water, had ice, even ran out! I took one bite and I cried! But I had to finish the rest so I ate the rest quickly and didn’t drink water. IT BURNS! Whoowhee. JPak tried to finish second one (extra one) since it was his birthday but he could only finish half. Jeffy then ate the rest. Woo so hot! Most of us cried though! Saw last quarter of the game. Jeffy and I ended up getting pumped to play basketball. Yup.

Des and Vinc had to go so they left while the rest of us went to play basketball 9 at night. Woo, that was fun! Shoot for while then played 21 (it took forever! Jeffy won. >[). I got to say that was good game. I haven’t play a game of basketball this summer. The park day, I didn’t really play game so I was still rusty. I will get my game back though! I’m psyched! :D.
Went back home, JPak and Jeffy took a rest and Denis left. Then it was time for them to go home.

No pictures you say? No worry I will update later. I promise. Goodness gracious, it’s 1 right now! So no worry :D But today was a fun day. And I’m glad JPak get to celebrate his birthday. :D I’m sure there’s more details but I’m just too tired right now. hahaha.

So here are some photos.

Yes, that’s the shaved ice I mentioned earlier! Huge but so good!

On the left is Des’s score. On the right is Vinc’s score (with couple helps!) HAHAHA It was funny. He made that score and Des was teasing him. So Vinc told Des to play and see how she does. Well she does better! :p. But it was fun Teehee!

Just before we left, JPak made this score! :D

Whoo.. Blazin’ wings! There’s one left. (they gave us 7 instead of 6) JPak and Jeffy ate it. Woo, so hot! Now that’s buffalo wings! :D But never will I order this! hahaha

So that’s the day :)


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