“Isn’t she cute?? I thought she was 12!”


Hm, did they just make cooking a lot more fun? :

Yesterday, I went to Flights of the Conchords concert with Denis. We were able to request interpreters! And they were very nice! :). The songs were funny of course but bit hard to sign but it’s all cool. I knew some of the songs and I understood the interpreters. Its harder due to the band’s habit of improv. The opening acts were actually some stand-up comedies from few characters from the show. That surprised me but they were definitely funny! FOTC did play few of my favorites including Jenny, I’m Not Crying, and It’s Business Time. Oh yeah! It was a blast! I slept over at Denis’s.

Then today, my parents and I head over to Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Interesting stuff. Ronald Reagan was definitely a successful president.

Hello, Mr. President! :).

Afterward, we head to Old Pasadena. We looked around and we came across this store mainly for cooking supplies and such. And that’s where I came across those colorful whisks!

Ah, yes. Twice. Over the weekend I’ve been mistaken as junior high girl. Before heading to the concert, I decided to donate blood. I fill out the form and that’s where it starts.

Nurse #1: Isn’t she too young to give blood??
I walk by to Nurse#2 for interview
Nurse #2: Well, she says she’s 18.
Nurse #1: Really?!
Nurse #2 and I do our interview process.
Nurse #2: She pass!
Later… I lay on bed draining out my blood for vampires.. I mean donating bloods for people who need ’em. Ahem, sorry. Vampires Diaries got best of me.
Nurse #2 (walks by): Isn’t she cute?? I thought she was 12!
Nurse #3: I know! I was looking for her mother’s permission!!

Yes. That’s one event. Hm, could it be because I had two ponytails and am short? Hm… Another one would be when my parents went to buy admissions for Ronald Reagan Library. The man (who looks like 20?) who was in charge did not believe my mother that I was a college student. Scenario went like this:

Mom and the man bicker for a while and I missed out part of conversation..
Man: She’s college student?!
Me: (hears it) Yeah, I am!
Man: No way!
Me: I have proofs!
Man: Let me see your id!
I hand him my CSUN id along with my DL
Mom: She will be 19 in few weeks.
Man: Wow…
He proceed to tap to another man, who looks like 20 too, and tells him about the so-called shocking fact that I’m a college student.
Man2: O.O really?
Me: Yes!!

Hahah yeahh, thats the second one.. today. Hm, I wonder what gave that kind of impression. Could it be because of this?

… Yes, I had my Hello Kitty Panda stick out of my purse like that the whole time (even at the concert. I’m pretty sure few people thought I was crazy when I was talking to it… o.o). Yes, that’s Sonic the Hedgehog tee shirt. Yes, that’s one of my painted Converses. Hmm… I’m not so sure anymore!

So I had a fun Memorial Weekend. I hope you all did, too! :)


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Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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