Movie Marathon


Yes, that’s HH advertising Chef Boyardee’s delicious Ravioli that we did not eat. Hahahaha. This is at my friend’s house and she is hosting a movie marathon. More specifically, Quentin Tarantino Movie Marathon. :). So I was the first to arrive. I started to take pictures of Denis’s pets.

That’s Reeses, little furryball. She lets me pet her and take pictures but it was so dark and I don’t like using flash. But she kept on moving hence the blurriness. (SOOC shot too!) She was more started by the clicking sounds of my camera.

This is Andy. A big puppy. Very active and always sniffing and licking everywhere! I tried to take picture of him but he won’t stop moving because he is bit camera shy. Took a while to coax him to stay still. When he did, he kept giving me some idiotic faces at me. >.<!! But I managed to take this head shot! The expression wasn't as idiotic as before but it was much more decent. :p. Don't worry, I love Andy! :p SOOC action right there!

HH and Georgie came. So we started off by watching Pulp Fiction. I finally got to finish the whole dang movie! I like it. Crazy but I like. Then, we stopped for a while to cook up something to eat since Denis and I didn't want to go get KFC as HH suggested. While Denis cooked up some pasta for spaghetti, HH was practically raiding through the closet. Hahaha I had apple sauce, while the boys ate some candies. Then HH and Denis was discussing the ghetto ways of cooking or whatever, hahaha. Georgie just play with Andy.

See, their intense discussion. Sorry for not being in focus as I forgot to set the lens to Auto-Focus. >.<

And Georgie playing with Andy. :).

Either way, we got our pasta (well HH didn’t eat. Too much candies? I don’t know). And we set to watch Kill Bill Vol. 1. Now that was good. I really enjoyed it. All the actions and the way the film was made was very interesting. :). Quentin Tarantino has a style and I like! As soon as it was finished, I had to go. Missing out the second part. Boo, but I’m not worried. I know I will watch it :). and I can’t wait. So far, good times! ^.^


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