“Seven. Beat that!!”


Gorgeous! The brown arch on the left is actually a structure similar to the sticks structure you see in the movie, Where The Wild Things Are. :). It’s pretty neat.

Jeffy and I went to LA Arboretum where the peacocks call and call, constantly! They are absolutely pretty to look at but so annoying to listen to!! (FYI, males peacocks are the ones with pretty tails with million “eyes” while the females are more quail-ish and gray.)

Look at that gorgeous tail! Why you think the females swoon over them?? Yet… they are quite loud in such annoying way!! Hahaha We also got to see geese. One of them decided to leave presents for us…

Yes, that’s couple of droppings. =.= No worry, we didn’t bother them. They didn’t bother us. So it’s okay. Hahaha. We were careful to watch where we step though!

While we’re on topic of geese… we went to a pond where there were many of them. Just lurking around. Waiting for unsuspecting human beings to come and give them foods. Well, we didn’t have any. But we walked there anyway, with caution of dropping. And their beaks. So as we got to the edge of the pool, two geese were walking (or waddling..) toward Jeffy. Goose #1 was right behind Jeffy and literally looking at Jeffy’s butt. Goose #2 was just watching Goose #1 in jealousy probably and not caring about Jeffy’s butt. At all. So Jeffy was telling Goose #1 to go away. Saying, “Stop staring at my butt! I have a girlfriend!!” Hahahaha. Few minutes later, Goose #1 gave up (I guess Jeffy’s butt did not have any food at all!) and Goose #2 stayed for a while just to give one quick glance at Jeffy’s butt before trotting after Goose #1. Ha, fun stuff! :p

There were other animals such as birds and lizards and squirrels! We saw plenty of squirrels back in CSUN. Believe me, I think the squirrels in CSUN are forming together to take over the school. Just one nut at the time!!

We did go see different parts such as orchid garden where I saw some of my favorite orchids. Here’s one, but I’m not sure if the nickname is correct.

Then into an interesting art structures made out of sticks and twigs. The same one I had mentioned earlier in my POD description.

I bought that top. Cute huh? The back is completely black lace. :). I wasn’t the only one wearing in style. Jeffy did as well. hehehe. Here, you can see while he does bboyin’ thing.

Oh this is when we went up to the waterfall. No, he didn’t fall over. Thank goodness!!

This is only small part of waterfall. Actually the near top of it. It was a long walk up but it was nice because of the shade and the coolness. And everything was just pretty! :). It was good day. We went over to SA Mall and there we ate and walked around before he had to drop me off at my friend’s house.

Yup. Good Seven :)


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Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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