So today (or yesterday as I’m typing about 1 in the morning), I went to the park for a fun day with friends. Left the family lunch and head down to the Pathfinder Park only to realize the time has change. Someone *ahem* has failed to mention the time change so instead of waiting in the car to listen to the music I got out and took pictures and shoot the ball around. About 15 to 20 minutes two of my friends showed up! Leo and I went to play HORSE but I lost, boo!! My shooting accuracy is not the same as before! I must get it back! Finally three of my other friends showed up. Eric and Leo went to play with the other boys for a game of basketball while I snapped pictures and talked to the girls, Yokie, Kimberly, and Stacey. Here some of the gorgeous SOOC shots :).

My besties!! :)

Ladieeesss. TEEHEE!

That’s Eric and his worn-out Vans. Hahahaha. He was playing basketball and good grief, it worn out his soles!! We played some tennis afterward. Boy, it was bit frustrating at time but still fun!!

Then we head out to dinner. We went to Yes Plaza and to the restaurant, Momo Sushi. Okay. The sushi MOVES. hahaha It’s like that Japanese sushi spot where sushi plates are put on conveyor belt and you pick as you eat. Stacking up plates. Then the waiter/waiteress will count each plates and tell you how much it cost. It cost us 2 dollars per plate! The sushi was actually delicious! We really enjoyed it! Because we were big group, the waiter was nice enough to give us 10 dollars off! :).

That’s peach slices over shrimp tempura roll and it was good!! Sweet and yet savory. Delicious!! They had other rolls and some deserts too! Even had miso soup! Stacey loved miso soup that she ordered two, hehe. Overall the sushi was delicious, the price was awesome, and it was a fun spot!! Here’s my share.

There was an arcade next door so we went there and boy, we tried so hard to get prizes! They even had iPad and such! But it’s really hard to get it! I tried to get one of those special edition 40th anniversary colored Hello Kitty… Here’s the result…

Yup. But all is not lost! I have won one (only two tries! HUZZAH!)! But I will not put it up here, yet. :). My other friends also won their luck at getting prizes including a tofu cellphone holder and bunch of Yoshi’s that have luckily tumbled their way down to the chute!! TEEHEE

We got so excited when Leo finally got his yellow Yoshi especially by luck it tumbled down… that a group of people actually came to see us thinking we won something big! hahaha, sorry folks! So at the end it was fun day!! :) Whee, a fun Friday! :) Thanks to all my friends who came out!

Ahh, since this post was up as Saturday rather than Friday… Kenn has allowed this blog to count as today blog so I guess I’m done with POD today! :)


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Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

One thought on “Playtime!!”

  1. i was only being fair (: and damn do you eat a lot? haha thats 7 plates!!!! well glad youre having fun over the summer :) dont let it go to waste! enjoy!

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