&& the summer begins!

Finals are over and now I begin my summer! 8]

On Friday after Jeff’s final, I decided I would take him out on a date. Apparently, I had a headache. But I still took him out. Jeff just drove me to dinner back to the dorms. Such a nice guy, huh? :) So I took him out to the Venice Beach.

There we walked and talked about our first year in college along with tidbits of what future holds for us and such. It was fun. We went around to see a skatepark and looked around some graffiti. There are some fun graffiti!!

Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Goodness gracious, those are some gooood wings!! I ordered Honey sauce and they were deeeeeliiciouuuuss!! Jeff ordered the hottest one, Blazin’. And here is the outcome, teehee!

hahaha, I took a lick of Blazin’ sauce and boy, it was HOT. The hotness stayed on my tongue through a glass of water and about 7 Honey wings. Woowhee! But it was good though! We then went to watch Iron Man 2 afterward. I liked it. It was fun. ^.^

The next day was move-out day. So basically everyone cleaned out and move out. John and Jeff helped Desiree. Poor girl, she was squished in her car with soo much stuff!! hahahah. I managed to fit everything plus few other people’s stuff. Whoo! By the time we moved out, some of us went to eat lunch at California Chicken Cafe. There we spent few hours chatting before we all head home. After, I went over to Jeff’s and from there we went to Little Tokyo. Goodness… they have some awesome treats!

Those little mochi balls covered in sweet sauce…

were scrumptious! The sauce was thick and sweet and just perfect with the mochi.

And we had Takoyaki, octopus balls…

and they were actually good!

I could go on and on how they tasted good but I think picture explains better…


Then as for today, I went to the mall with KimB for her second ear piercings. :). It was a nice day, just two of us talking about everything! and I bought a really cute shirt! I’m a sucker for shirts now. Hahaha too bad no photos of today. But thought I should add it here. :)

Here to a great start of the summer!!


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

6 thoughts on “&& the summer begins!”

  1. I went to Little Tokyo on Friday and had those same octopus balls (that sounds wrong…) and I actually really liked it! :D

    Are those sweet mochis good? I had a variety of the normal kind, like peanut butter, red bean, etc., but I still like the ice cream ones better :)

  2. I need to go to Venice soon. And get a hookah there. I want those MOCHI AHHHH. and loving the graffiti in the skatepark.

  3. DANG! the graffiti looks WICKED ! :]

    LoL @ jeff’s nom-nom-face. :p


    WOO i cannot wait to go to Little Tokyo with Vin over teh summerrrrr :) :DD

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