It has been so long…

since I’ve been here! This week is the pre-final week so it shouldn’t surprise me if I haven’t be updating in a while. I’m just going to make this nice and sweet as I have to get back to work :( Only one and half more week until school’s over! Oh my, second semester had gone by so fast! Here are few pictures just to for you guys. Unedited and taken by others, but still so awesome! Last weekend was the pool party and my dorm building had root beer floats as well. I love root beer! Sweet Leah passed out dorm yearbook and showed the DVD she complied of freshmen’ year for us! Looking back, I realized how much we’ve changed and how we actually came closer as well! I really appreciate it! Thanks to the Lighthouse Interns!!

Then the next day was Lighthouse (dorm) prom. I got to say, that was a BLAST! It was soo much fun. Danced all night away and even had dance off! Whew! I really loved it! Props to the Prom Committee :) I think for most of us, it was way better than our high school prom. Mainly got to do with the fact we basically know almost everyone and everyone really dance. I mean there was no one standing there. Even Rafael danced, I think that says a lot :) Some of us stayed to help clean up and went to Denny’s 3 in the morning. Love love love it!!

Here we have the roomies!

and the studs! :)

anddd, my favorite picture from the Denny’s :) hehehe. Props to Kimberly’s camera with all those fantastic pictures!!

That’s all for now! Till… next week or when finals are over! Good Luck everyone on their finals and to those high schoolers for AP exams!


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Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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