Whoo, busy busy busy!!

I’ve been very busy lately over the spring break and last week. I don’t think all the crazy things going on will stop here. Not until summer!! But I’m ready to take them on! So over the course of Spring Break, this is how it went:
Monday, it was hanging out with my Cousin Daniel (the one I’ve made a post on) at the mall which was very nice.
Tuesday, went to eat sushi with Stacey, Jillian, Leo, and Kimberly! Which leads to Tutti Fruitti afterward. Ha.
Wednesday, I had Islands Burgers lunch with dad and dropped by on lion dance practice.
Thursday, I spent the day with my boyfriend and this pretty little guy called Mamiya :) at City Walk. I love film cameras.
Friday was the triple dates with Leo, Kimberly, and Vincent, Desiree at Pacific Aquarium. It was fun!

Hehe, don’t we all love Pokemons? :)

We saw Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo! Such an awesome teacher. :).

We got to pet some little wet creatures. Hehehe, Here is Jeff holding onto Vincent!

Now this is my favorite picture ever! There was a lighthouse nearby so we went there. You can see the other two couples lost in their own worlds, hahaha. It was awesome day.

Saturday was the SGVCCA’s annual banquet at Empress Pavilion. I was one of the hostess and I enjoyed it very much :). I even got to escort Miss Chinatown court! I’ve been busy so no pictures for this one!

Sunday was my last day and I ended it with something awesome. My uncle flew in from Florida and I played a game of mahjong just before I left. I won! :). Too bad the money isn’t mine. :p.

I love playing mah jong. :)

Then as school started, many of us were really busy trying to focus on a main event, Sign N' Run. Firstly, on Saturday Jeff and I went to DHH Basketball Tournament at Fairfax High. My school did pretty well even though they lost to Fairfax for third place, ahaha. Oh well. It was fun seeing friends and games. That night did not go well though. Stacey and Jillian came over and just when we were ready to go to sleep, something has happened to one of our friends. But the good news is he’s feeling a lot better now. So I’m glad.
Oh, also at the Fairfax High, there was a Kogi Truck!! I’ve never tried it before and finally I got the chance. It was goooooooood! I ordered two chicken tacos, two short ribs taco, and kimchi quesadilla. Kimchi quesadilla was definitely good despite its odd combination. Not too spicy so I’m glad!

Yup, that’s the quesadilla!

Sunday was Sign N’ Run event. It is hosted by NCOD (National Center On Deafness) from my school, CSUN. Everyone woke up early in the morning despite the last night event and got ready for a day of hard work. We were on committees for this event and it was a lot of work. I thoroughly enjoy it! Friends and families came over to run 5K race. I was in charge of Children's Program so my volunteers and I set up different activities for children. The most popular ones were face painting and tug-o-war. Woo, we had Volunteers vs. Kids tug-o-war and the volunteers lost!! Hahahaha. But the most memorable activities were kids races. If the adults had race, why not have one for the kids? We separated them into 3 different age categories and they all had fun. It was a good day. Even though I didn’t have breakfast, I still had so much energy. Hahaha.
Oh and I got to do some face painting. :).

Love my handiwork? Oh yeah, after the event, bunch of us went to eat Chipotle. I’ve never ate so fast! Hahaha. It was DEEEEEELLIIIIICCIIIIOUUUUUSSSSS!!!

Even with all those things happening, I’m still busy but no worry, it’s all good :)


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