Family Fun!

Woo, this is kind of a late update regarding my weekend! Just been to busy to update sooner. But hey, better now than never! I came home for Easter and spring break! That Saturday, my parents and I decided to visit my little cousin, Winnie, and her family. What an adorable girl! She can be bit mischievous sometimes.

Don’t let her sweet innocent face trick you! :)

I’ve also brought this cute duck cup from my roommate. She wants me to give it to her. Winnie really likes it, so this one is for you Desiree! :)

Then on Sunday, it was Easter! My family and I went to church and we had 9 people baptized! Congrats! After church, we had an egg hunt and my cousins, Emily and Elizabeth had found quite a few.

Yes, little Emily is carrying a shirtful!
Here you can see her prized collection.

Then after, the family had dim sum. Now the dim sum was good! A lot of foods on the spinning table and family just enjoying the food and conversation. Now, I was hungry so I did not bother to take much pictures. I do have an important picture, though.

Yes, that is lobster noodle. And my auntie. :). We always order it at dim sum. It is a rather simple but delicious dish. A bed of noodle with steamed lobsters on top drenched in gravy. Nom Nom Nom. Since we had a big family, we ordered 3 of them. They were goood (with an extra “o”)!
Now I’m on spring break but that does not mean I’m entirely on break. I still have homework and projects. But just today, I bought 120mm film and I am very excited to use my film camera! Hopefully I’ll show some process with it! :)

Toodle doo. till next time!


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Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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