Beedrill? no, it’s Ledyba!

Hehehe, Pokemon has been the latest craze among the gamers here, more specifically those who have DS. But hey, even Jeff’s playing and he does not own DS. With Gold Heart and Soul Silver versions out, Pokemon has been the biggest thing. Never mind about that, let’s just leave those pokemasters to do their works! (Recently, I’ve been placed in pokemon category. I’m not sure what’s my name though. Hmm.) Anyhoo, I’ve been so busy last week that I have not been able to post some of events.

Last Wednesday mark the 5th month and since we had the time, Jeff took me to LA Zoo.

It was fun. It has been a while since I went to a zoo so I’m glad to see some animals. Although most of them looked bored. But there are still some interesting things such as this particular animal, a ram, I believe. This guy acts like a candy machine. So everybody knows that when a quarter is popped in the machine, candies just flow out of the flap right? Well he is just the same. Minus the quarters and the candies are not exactly the candies you would eat.

Teeheehee. The zoo closed at 5 so we left and we got hungry. We past by this place called Pink’s, a famous hotdog place. The line was short so we decided to eat there. My goodness, the hotdogs are goooood! I had Planet Hollywood which is a hotdog with mustard, pastrami, and sauerkraut. Jeff ordered Today’s Show which featured two hotdogs in a bun with cheese, chili, and guacamole. They were so good! I want to go back again and try Lords of the Rings which is a 10-incher with cheese, BBQ sauce, and onion rings. I’m drooling as I type this!! Onto the picture!

So that’s for the day! Oh and Coldstone afterward. But we were too busy pigging out that I do not have any picture. :p.

As for the weekend, I drove back home to meet up with my mom’s friends. On Saturday, we went to Newport, Balboa Island, and Huntington Beach. It was a beautiful day out at the beach. The sun was shining, the waves are crashing, and the smell is just wonderful!

Here is at the Huntington Beach. I’m debating whether to sell my flashback and buy a longer and thinner longboard. Mmm, that’s another thing!

I got to play with 200mm lens and I managed to capture this gorgeous photo. And it is kind of relevant to the title of this post. :p.



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