KS Banquet.

Last Saturday the 27th of February, Jeff took me to Kappa Sigma Banquet. So how the day went? Well I will not dawdle  so much on searching couple hours with Desiree and Vincent (thanks for coming with me!!) to find dress. I found a dress and that was it. Anyway, I came back to dorm. Kimberly and Desiree helped me get ready (THANKS LOVES!). Well, they did almost everything. x] We had bit trouble with my dress as it is bit loose but everything worked out just fine! Jeff and John came in later than we thought but they came and got “suit up!” My, I’ll say the boys were definitely spiffy!!

The banquet was host at Dodgers Stadium. It was neat just looking out of the window to see diamond. I enjoyed it though. There I met some of the prettiest ladies!

and some of the cool studs!

And here all the brothers together as Kappa Sigma is now in Rho Delta charter!

You can see some of their names, John and Jeff are the last two :).

I met some of the brothers, had an interesting dinner, went to an after-party where I spent most of the time talking with everyone and such. It was nice.
To end this post, I’ll put up the most awesome photo ever! I gotta say, we do look spiffy!! :). I couldn’t think of any text to put on it since it was soo awesome! It’s kind of self-explanatory as well. :p

Till next time!


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