7 Questions

7 things I did today:
~I managed to jump 180’s but failed on landing during snowboarding :(.
~I spent 30 dollars for a lift ticket, thanks Hunter. :)
~I fell. A lot. and crashed into plenty of people.
~I ate snow. Plenty of times.
~I grew chest hairs, figuratively (don’t mean to scare you that way.)
~I watched Hunter sing along to The Flights of Concords
~I slid down the good part of a slope on my back upside down.

Doing this from Reverb’s blog. In his words, “7 random questions that no one actually asked me, but I still feel inclined to answer?” Pretty fun, and something else to put. :)

1. Deaf? HardOfHearing? HearingImpared?
I preferred to be called deaf. While I can hear with hearing aids, I am actually profound deaf. By the way, for HearingImpared. It’s not that comfortable for me to get. So please be a dear and don’t say it. :).

2. Favorite movie?
Oh gosh, this is hard. I can’t have a favorite. I have whole range from The Breakfast Club to The Fight Club. Along with Better Off Dead, Up, and few more Disney movies just to name few.

3. Ninja or Pirate?
Hmm, I love pirates! But ninjas are just cool. It will have to depends. For example, green mini-sword welding ninja, Peter Pan defeated the old one-handed pirate, Hook. Then I love The Pirates of Caribbean. Good Ol’ Jack Sparrow!

4.  Dog or cat?
I love both but I got to say Dog. Dog is playful, fun, and interactive. Cat is more calmer type. Also it is easier to teach dogs tricks than cats. I love huskies and chowchows. But then most types are pretty cute. Haha. I think it would be cool to have Fluffy, 3-headed dog as a pet. Hm.. Where do you find Hagrid?!

5. You ever had a grudge?
It’s kind of hard to say.  No not really. I rarely hold grudges. I find it is not good for you. I take a deep breath and let it go. I cry or I talk about it. Makes my life easier. Not having to worry about tiny details. No need to be engulfed by something not worth my energy. I don’t want to live thinking so hard about one things. I do not want to be that mustache man from Meet The Robinsons!

6. What do you do alone that you would never do in front of someone?
I’ll sing out loud. I’ll do yoga. I’ll pretend there is a secret spot somewhere in the room and I have to find it, ninja mode. Working on 3D model. I’ll actually go out and shop and cook something up like Macaroni and Cheese or some dishes I got off Ree’s site or Ryan’s.  I’ll go back and read my first grade books. I’ll steal foods. Hm, yeah. Those are some of the few things.

7. What moment do you wish you could relieve again and again in your life?
Well, I’m glad already to have gone through those. But if I had to choose, I’ll have to say on meeting my cousins in Europe. I was really nervous because some I’ve never met and some I’ve hadn’t seen for years. As I met my cousins, we kicked it off right away! I miss them quite dearly. haha. For the recent part, I’ll have to say flying high of the ramps. I love the speed and the air.

That’s all for now, folks! Till next time!


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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