I wasted about 6 hours watching movie.

Notice I said movie not movies. It is because I watched same movie twice. Yup. Twice. I saw Avatar, the ever-popular film of the year.

(Source: http://www.shockya.com/news/2009/07/02/james-cameron-avatar-official-poster/)

The first time I watched it was at around noon and with my friends Kelsey, Shirley, and Courtney. We watched it in 3-D. Very interesting. I got into it. The second time was with my parents at 7:30ish. This time, IMAX 3-D. I got to say that it was gorgeous! The graphics, the colors, and the details were nicely done! I still enjoyed it the second time. The story reminded me bit of Tarzan in it. The romance and saving the world. The plants are gorgeous and the creatures are very unique! I loved the flying lizards that spin. They are quite funny actually. The body is just limp and spin as the wing spins like helicopter and emit pink-magenta glow. The nighttime is really pretty. The plants do glow and  everything reminded me of undersea world where deep down there are fluorescent creatures and plants all around. I would recommend watching it in IMAX at least once, just for the experience. :).



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2 thoughts on “I wasted about 6 hours watching movie.”

  1. the story is pocahantas like exactly ill post up something on my blog later about how it is lol

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