“I’m scared.” “Just try it!” “…okay.”

Today was a pretty good day. It was a snowboarding trip with friends! I think I had fallen in love with snowboarding now.
Woke up early and Hunter, Jeff, and Desiree met at my house and loaded our stuff; boots, boards, gears, etc. Went to meet at Leo’s place where Desiree hopped onto Leo’s car along with Kimberly and John. On the way, a man in a truck next to us stopped us to inform us a red object had fallen out. Turned out we dropped a bag of cookies that we had been looking for earlier. Oh well, we got our cookies back! Once we got there we had to wait. Supposedly, Eric and Rachel come over but they didn’t and Hunter wanted to leave so we left early. We got to the mountains, bought the tickets (I used the one I had from previous trip. I still had points in it.)
First, we went to a really baby small slope to teach Jeff and Desiree the basics (it was their first time!). Then we went up to a longer beginner slope and I carved. I literally carved without falling (my definition of falling: moving back or toward the snow that result in your beanie flying off your head.). Jeff did pretty well while Desiree tried hard to practice on leafing.
Then we went on more runs and carved and carved the heck out of it!
Lunch time hits noon, and Jeff, Hunter, Desiree, and I went back to the truck for foods. Mmm, Lox on bagels! After lunch, John wanted to go on one of the advance slopes so Hunter and I went with him. It was fun, a bit scary but I managed to carve once on the steepest part and that was a big A plus for me! We then joined rest of the friends on the other slopes. There I decided to jump. Well, first I didn’t think I would jump. I would just ride over the curve. Once I hit the slope, I caught air and good thing I landed nicely. Boy, I was excited! I’ve never felt this pumped from my past snowboarding time!
More runs, and this time more jumps! John was tackling rails and ramps and all. It was awesome. He actually helped push me to grind on the box. And the first time, I did it! I landed smoothly as well so thats another big plus! I then start tackling those jumps and box. I did pretty well for first timer!
It was dawning and I had few more points. Jeff, John, Hunter, and I went up for few more times. To make the best of our runs. Well, I fell. Hard. Once on carving and once for losing control of air. But that’s okay! I did it!
Originally, I told myself, I wasn’t going to jump. I must perfect my carving first. Well obviously, it didn’t work out well. But everything works out well! :) Pretty darn proud of myself! And of course for my friends who tackled carvings, jumps, and so on. A great day!

I would put up videos or photos, but I don’t have them at the moment. So next time!


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Chan Kai

Hello! I'm the brainchild behind Blu Narwhale. I thrive in curiosities and truly believe Pluto still is a planet.

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