Carpe Diem!

Finally 2010 starts at this point (okay maybe not right at this second, but you get what I mean.)!
I spent most of the day at Matti’s with group of friends.

Jeffy picked me up and brought me over and there we started our PandaBear cupcakes! Well, we mixed and baked and prepped. We had some batter leftover so we filled it up into four small pans. What happened was it was too full that the side bulged and broke apart. See?
Cake Mishaps.

Once the cupcakes were done, we never really came to decorating until an hour later or so. We had to pipe the faces which was hard. Then we attached it to the bodies covered up in crushed Oreos cookies. Yum! Then Added the ears and arms and legs and so on. Long but cute cupcakes. Not bad for first timers, may I add!

faces, faces, faces! For Matti

Because a certain sister of a certain person ate a mini cupcake (or two! along with a regular size cupcake) we were stuck with only one headless panda cupcake. But all is not lost! We took this chance to make a special birthday cupcake for Andy!

For AndyPandy!

Smart, huh? We celebrated his birthday, watched the ball drop, and walked outside to see fireworks from the top of the hill. The city lights reminded me of a song lyric (awesome one!): “Oh, I remember exactly what we did at the look out. We just looked out’ across the city from our little spot on the hilltop. Oh, It is so pretty from way up there. We talked about how the lights from the buildings and cars seemed like reflections of the stars that shined out so pretty and bright, that night.” We all went back in and relax for a while and played some video games. It was getting late and we ended up playing a card game called Mafia. That was fun! I managed to kill almost all ( I was one of the Mafias) one round. Then most of us went to sleep, Andy and Bwent were still up playing Street Fighters 4. It was a good day.

Because it is New Year’s Day, it means to reflect 2009 and look forward with happiness. I wish you all a Happy New Year and may 2010 be a better, if not best, year!



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