Raise your hand if you ever owned a Xanga, LiveJournal or other blogging platforms and you kept changing your screen name (DON’T LIE!)? *raisehand* I’m in process of that. Sort of. I’m working on launching my brand along with few fun stuff in between. So please be patient as I try to work my way around :)

Snowy days in Minnesota


I’ve been putting this post for too long. Few weeks ago, I went to Minnesota for the first time and I loved it! It was beautiful with blanket of white and fluffy snow! For most part of our stay, it was about 30 degrees which is warm(?) for its winter season. We had about 30 minutes of snow play. And I did get tad too excited, I dropped my camera and shattered the filter. Oops! Rest assured, it is now replaced and my camera is still going strong. I ventured parts of St. Paul and Minneapolis. I must say it was a complete fresh start for me. The buildings there are gorgeous. Many of them kept the original structures or continued the original details. I visited Union Depot and it was just astounding. Different than Union Station. Maybe it’s because of the time or day I visited but it was just almost empty and I just simply enjoyed details. And there were trips to museums to play the lovely harpsichords, watch a documentary about Hubble and getting fun with science! My only bummer is when I didn’t try find F.S. Fitzgerald’s house. And the snow! So white, pristine and fluffy. Oh, the FLUFF!

DSC_1557DSC_1449DSC_1400DSC_1496Top to bottom: Union Depot, Marcie from Charlie Brown, design on a harpsichord, a skeleton of speed demon.

There is another reason why I’ve been putting this post off. I decided to take the next step in reaching my dream. I came up with a brand name so I’ve been marinating in it for a while to see how I feel about it, let it simmer as I designed logos and hope it’ll be a juicy piece. Yes, I’m slightly hungry, if you haven’t noticed! Once I got all set, I’ll be doing transition to my new name. Keep an eye out! Meanwhile, I’m doing #challengeunoriginalk Valentine’s edition! It’s exciting and I’m working hard! :)

Year of the Sheep-girl

WhiteSheepGirl 1

I can’t think of a better year to start anew! This is my year. Literally. I’m a Sheep. That little cute fluffy piece of cloud. Anyone will tell you that! (right…?!) So I came up with a sketch and this is the first of a many I’ll be painting. I’m exited how it came out. And I can’t wait to work on so many more. I’m still doing commissioned works if anyone would like. I’m also plan on selling these sheep girls.

I told myself to start warm up sketches before I do my ideas. Although I have to jot down the ideas first so I wouldn’t lose the visions. I just never realized how much warm up sketches really help loosen up my drawing hand and bend my creative mind. Drawing is something I really enjoy and sometimes I wish I had more time. This became one of my new years resolutions. To set aside time for myself. Enjoy more. As in truly be more appreciative. When life gets hard, it can be hard to get past that. But I need to realize there is so much more than to worry constantly.

What are the biggest changes are you planning to do for your 2015? I just realized. This year might be the first time in a while I’ve been able to type and write “2015” and not “2014” first. I am so ready for 2015! :)

And an ugly sweater in a pear tree!


Now I’ve finished all the ugly sweaters parties, I can proudly show you what I did! Okay, I may missed the concept of an “ugly” sweater but I had this idea for a while and had to do it! If you can’t see clearly, it’s a fluffy (I did stuffed him) Baymax in the center. “Deck the halls, Ba da la la la” circle Baymax in red felt. Then the green crazy things on my arms are supposed to be wreath when I round my arms. Yes, I gone this crazy! For those who haven’t seen the movie, go check Big Hero Six ASAP! And here’s a little clip below to get the reference of my sweater. I still giggle every time when someone get it.

This month has been slightly stressful but hearing all the great news, seeing friends and trying to grab the opportunities made me felt happy and at ease with how my year went. It is somewhat bittersweet to think how much closer I could have been. Then comes immediately a new perspective, “look how far you’ve gone.” I’m still painting (and I got to sell a few!), looking for jobs (fingers crossed on past few interviews) and rethinking the new brand thing (see previous post). But hey, I’m way past the beginning stage and that says a lot.

It’s the month to rethink the new years resolutions. I may or may not always stick to it every year but I do feel like I’ve grown so much. But I do have some expectations for next year. I’m hoping to finally settle down, be more happy and actually going to take on a Spartan run. I’m excited for that! I hope when you read this, you also look back on what you’ve done so far and what’s left for you to go in the future.

One of my favorite pictures with my girls!

Be happy, remember your loved ones and know that the new beginning is coming! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)


Alicia's 3 dogs

Hello guys!

I’m hanging there and trying to finish the #ChallengeUnoriginalK, like the doggies above! I’m working my way to halfway of the list. I realized I was so into it I was forgetting the main point of the challenge that I re did four paintings. I had to remind myself that the challenge isn’t just for creating something for people but a way for me to play around. I had to do separate sketches and doodles to finally get into the sense of how I want to envision. It’s a learning process!

Then comes to another issue along with this. I created my logo long time ago and still my favorite one and I felt associated with it. But here’s a thing. What do you guys think about “Unoriginal Kai”? Is it me? Is it recognizable? I just felt disconnected from it. I’ve been thinking about this more than once the past few years. A lot more thinking to do.

This month is busier than I thought which I prefer. I realized I chose to be busy (doing #ChallengeUnoriginalK) and doing something I enjoy has definitely impacted how I feel compared to last couple months. And I’m just more thankful for everyone being there and I hope I do the same for you all! I will have few more updates, I just do not want to share my “ugly” sweater, yet! :) Happy Wednesday!



Couple weeks ago, I decided to take on a challenge as a mean to test and play around my artistic skills. If you followed me on Instagram, you know what I’m talking about. I called it #ChallengeUnoriginalK. People will give me challenges of what I will need to draw. Then people can buy it from me with shipping included. It’s definitely a challenge and with each challenge I paint, I start flexing my creative brain and hand. I started to realize what I can really do and how much more I have to go build my distinctive style. The border collie above is the one that started the challenge and I’m looking forward to more! I’ve already had a list and finished three so far.

Memphis Gordon Callie

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with foods, friends and family. I certainly did and had the opportunity to play with my newest addition to my camera collection, Lomo’Instant. With its fancy features and mini Polaroid films, I got fun snapshots. I even brought it to BBQ Sunday before Thanksgiving and still have lots of playing around to get hang of all the features. My favorites are probably the color gel filters. And the best part of these were I have snapshots of friends, family and fun moments. It’s even better because it’s unpredictable how the pictures will come out. Like these.

PurpleMatt StephAnnChicken AndyMeOver