Have you ever felt so cluttered? Your desk is a mess. Your mind wander everywhere. Your books are scattered on your bed. Pens and pencils stick out of random cups. Papers stacked in such disorderly manners. I do know I don’t always keep things clean but I do keep my messes organized.

It took me a while for me to just stop and realized I either need to clean up everything or organize my messes. With job hunting, moving and all the projects I keep coming up with. Sometimes I think too far ahead that I didn’t think about the process itself. It is not the destination but the journey itself that makes everything worth it. The journey is where people learn and grow.

After couple weeks of just wandering without direction, I finally took a break and sketch a girl that might be part of a series I’m planning. And I just fell in love with it. The difference from other sketches, I drew no eyes. I love drawing eyes but this time I didn’t. And she seem really peaceful. That’s where I would like to be. So I will be working on that, to learn to relax and enjoy.

I had few bumps recently and made quite a lot fusses about them. But each time, I’m learning to just move on. Like one, my car. I worried so much because I had to pick up my friend from airport. But I was able to focus on picking my friend up first then figuring out what went wrong with my car and the ball just kept rolling. Things became bit smoother. It also helps to breathe and I have a great support system. Everything will be fine and I still can enjoy the rest of the day. Sometimes a break in your routine can help give a fresh start.

626 Night Market


The week were long with searches then meeting with friends before we all go separate ways. Then last night came finally! I arrived early to 626 Night Market at Santa Anita Park to snap some photos and walk around to see what foods and drinks should I get before it get crowded.


The atmosphere was nostalgic for me as I keep seeing and smelling all the foods I grew up eating. There were traditional dishes like stinky tofu, egg (or bubble) waffles and Asian desserts. There were also modern or fusion dishes such as fusion tea with popsicles (Pop’d Up!), ramen burgers and fancy musubi. After walking around (and buying couple tee shirts from The Steppie and Bad Pickle Tees) I’ve settled down for couple drinks and eats.

WhatFloatsYourBoat BobaBear PottedIceCream

I got the Boat from What Floats ur Boat, Boba Bear’s tea fusion and Potted Ice Cream. The Boat had all three types of musubi on top of Goldfish crackers in a “boat.” It came with salmon poke(with hot Cheetoes on top!), avocado and bacon and crispy KBBQ beef. I had to get the Boba Bear tea because it was hot and I wanted the mason jar. I don’t remember what it was except it had three fruits in it. Then mint chocolate chip ice cream with crushed Oreos and mint leaves on top for dessert. It looked like an actual potted plant and it was cute! What’s missing is a Pop’d Up passion fruit green tea with popsicle. It was sweet and perfect drink to end the long (and hot) day. Good friends, good foods, good vibes. That’s all we need.

For those who haven’t had the chance to go, it’s still ongoing tonight and tomorrow! And I believe next month it will be held at Orange County! :)

Cactus, Cacti and Drawings


Aside from palm trees, California do have great conditions for cacti! My brother, his girlfriend, my dad and I went to this neighborhood where few houses have huge cactus gardens and they were beautiful! Kind of funny that they were the greenest of all the greens. My favorite was the one on the far right in both pictures. That one looked like holly leaves but bigger, spikier and in beautiful hue of green! And a beautiful day made those gardens seem fresh and full of life. Nearly made me forgot all about the heat.


Afterward, we headed to this place, d’odici, a desserts and coffee shop. There were rows and rows of cups with paintings on them. I’m not sure if the painter actually used coffee to paint or just brown ink. But on the walls, other than a typewriter and camera, there were pencil and watercolor drawings all over, like the picture. It’s beautiful! It doesn’t seem complete, but it has that delicate vibe. That picture above is just one building out of several. And each drawing has a girl in it. It was light and cute. d’odici did have yummy coffees, fizzes and sweets. I had to have creme brulee. The hard sugar shell was perfectly thin and strawberries, blueberries and almond slices balanced out the sweetness. I would love to go back there again and try their macarons. A sweet ending to the day. Ahh…

Bacons, Crabs and Crabbie’s Ginger Beers


Those were the main food highlights of the weekend. Saturday was Bacon Fest at Queen Mary, Long Beach. And as usual, lines were long but the beer lines weren’t as long. Somehow, it became more of a beer fest. I was able to get try bacon poptart, savory bacon filling stuffed in pastry with maple glazing on top. It was delicious. And I was lucky to get Slater’s 50/50 burger which consists of bacon burger patty topped with bacon strips, onions and eggs sandwiched between two soft buns. There were other foods I tried but these two stood out the most. As for the beer, they were yummy but oh, so strong! And each sample I tried, it got stronger and stronger. Phew. And my brother got a picture with the Piggy. It was a nice lunch.


My brother cooked up crab dinners for dad, his girlfriend, my boyfriend and me. Delicious crab meats with lemon! And we had garlic noodles, salads and Crabbie’s Ginger beers! Those ginger beers really taste like there are ginger pieces in it. And very refreshing! I learned how to crack open the crab shells. I’ve only ate out of its legs, but never inside the shell. That was interesting. And I never realized how much meat there were inside the shell. I got bit excited and it was just as yummy! Now I know why crab meats are expensive!

In a galaxy, far far away…


Men and women never thought they would send anything out in the space, let alone a crew in a spaceship. We all heard and saw stories of men on the moon, chimpanzees training to be astronauts and floating liquid bubbles in zero gravity atmosphere. Space is one of the few wonders I love. It’s infinite and we still yet have to learn more about what’s out there. I love science and it is just fascinating. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go see Endeavour at California Science Center.


It was so big and with my lens, I could only stand far enough in a corner and take bunch of snapshots. Then stitch it together with Photoshop. It’s not perfect but there is it. I do have a full picture with my iPhone, just slightly warped. But it was fascinating to see the shuttle. Orbiting in space, Endeavour logged in about 123 million miles. It is also the only shuttle named after children. The name is after the ship owned by Captain Cook. Its second flight broke grounds with Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman to fly in space, Mamoru Mohri, the shuttle’s first Japanese astronaut and Mark Lee and Jan Davis, the first married couple to fly on the same mission. After 25 missions, Endeavour finally had its last one on October 12 – 13, 2012. The crew took 56 hours to maneuver the shuttle from LAX to the center with the speed of 2 miles per hour and a lot of cutting trees. There are more facts at the center but the size is overwhelming.

It was fun and the center itself is always fascinating. Just be warned, there are a lot of kids with summer camps going on. And science always fascinate me!

And this one is always fun to do. I bet you could do with one hand!

OC Fair







OC Fair is kind of big thing around here. It’s fun and very summer-y thing to do. This time, I didn’t eat as much fried foods as I thought except for few fries and pieces of funnel cake. What a shocker! I had crepes (it beats nearly all foods there) and chicken with pineapple and rice in pineapple bowl. There are no pictures because I was too hungry.

Foods, friends, gardens, animals and some of the best neon signs ever! And it was a great weather that day. The only disappointing thing was my friends and I didn’t get early bird discounts. We were the first persons when they decided to stop. Just few minutes earlier, we would have gotten the discounts. Oh well! But it was still fun!

Another thing, Leo, Jillian and I got free pins and they were punny ones. Leo had a pig pin and it said, “Think Pig” as in “Think Big” while I had a bee and it was “Bee Sweet.” But what we couldn’t figure out was Jillian’s duck pin and it said, “Duck Donor.” Does anyone know??

Back to Busy Self

A week and half of being sick and not having camera leads to a good period of no updating. I finally recovered! And all I have is this picture from my phone to show to you.


I have few more pictures but I’ll have to sift through my camera roll. I got to do few fun things before and after I got sick. Being sick is no fun. Wait, no let me rephrase that. Being sick in hot summer is no fun at all.

Anyways, I got to go to LA Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals game and got a bobblehead. It was quite a long game with no side making any points until the seventh inning. Baseball isn’t my type of sport but I had fun. Then I had the pleasure of volunteering at LA Street Food Fest. I also got to sample delicious treats including ice cream churro sandwich, pig head, bacon donut, ginger beer, Indian curry, grilled cheese and tomato soup and so many more. It is heaven!
Afterward it was a week and half of staying home, trying to recover with an exceptional trip to Hollywood Bowl. I performed pre-performance lion dancing and thankfully, I only had to do one. Everyone did great job and we got to watch the performance at the night. Some of our lions even got on stage during fireworks performance. But I was really sick and wasn’t feeling well at all. And I stayed home for the most of time.
I did get to sneak in a dinner with my brother and his girlfriend. That’s where the fried shrimp head comes in. It is very delicious! And yesterday, I spent a day with my boyfriend at Downtown Disneyland trying to get customized name coke cans. It was a long day but I’m glad we both finally got the cans!

Now, I’m feeling a lot better and I can definitely feel the change of energy in me. I’m getting antsy and am ready to get into busy mode. I love it. Just feeling bit more productive than usual, ha!

And congratulations to Germany on winning World Cup finals! A long and intense game! :)