Men and women never thought they would send anything out in the space, let alone a crew in a spaceship. We all heard and saw stories of men on the moon, chimpanzees training to be astronauts and floating liquid bubbles in zero gravity atmosphere. Space is one of the few wonders I love. It’s infinite and we still yet have to learn more about what’s out there. I love science and it is just fascinating. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go see Endeavour at California Science Center.


It was so big and with my lens, I could only stand far enough in a corner and take bunch of snapshots. Then stitch it together with Photoshop. It’s not perfect but there is it. I do have a full picture with my iPhone, just slightly warped. But it was fascinating to see the shuttle. Orbiting in space, Endeavour logged in about 123 million miles. It is also the only shuttle named after children. The name is after the ship owned by Captain Cook. Its second flight broke grounds with Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman to fly in space, Mamoru Mohri, the shuttle’s first Japanese astronaut and Mark Lee and Jan Davis, the first married couple to fly on the same mission. After 25 missions, Endeavour finally had its last one on October 12 – 13, 2012. The crew took 56 hours to maneuver the shuttle from LAX to the center with the speed of 2 miles per hour and a lot of cutting trees. There are more facts at the center but the size is overwhelming.

It was fun and the center itself is always fascinating. Just be warned, there are a lot of kids with summer camps going on. And science always fascinate me!

And this one is always fun to do. I bet you could do with one hand!







OC Fair is kind of big thing around here. It’s fun and very summer-y thing to do. This time, I didn’t eat as much fried foods as I thought except for few fries and pieces of funnel cake. What a shocker! I had crepes (it beats nearly all foods there) and chicken with pineapple and rice in pineapple bowl. There are no pictures because I was too hungry.

Foods, friends, gardens, animals and some of the best neon signs ever! And it was a great weather that day. The only disappointing thing was my friends and I didn’t get early bird discounts. We were the first persons when they decided to stop. Just few minutes earlier, we would have gotten the discounts. Oh well! But it was still fun!

Another thing, Leo, Jillian and I got free pins and they were punny ones. Leo had a pig pin and it said, “Think Pig” as in “Think Big” while I had a bee and it was “Bee Sweet.” But what we couldn’t figure out was Jillian’s duck pin and it said, “Duck Donor.” Does anyone know??

A week and half of being sick and not having camera leads to a good period of no updating. I finally recovered! And all I have is this picture from my phone to show to you.


I have few more pictures but I’ll have to sift through my camera roll. I got to do few fun things before and after I got sick. Being sick is no fun. Wait, no let me rephrase that. Being sick in hot summer is no fun at all.

Anyways, I got to go to LA Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals game and got a bobblehead. It was quite a long game with no side making any points until the seventh inning. Baseball isn’t my type of sport but I had fun. Then I had the pleasure of volunteering at LA Street Food Fest. I also got to sample delicious treats including ice cream churro sandwich, pig head, bacon donut, ginger beer, Indian curry, grilled cheese and tomato soup and so many more. It is heaven!
Afterward it was a week and half of staying home, trying to recover with an exceptional trip to Hollywood Bowl. I performed pre-performance lion dancing and thankfully, I only had to do one. Everyone did great job and we got to watch the performance at the night. Some of our lions even got on stage during fireworks performance. But I was really sick and wasn’t feeling well at all. And I stayed home for the most of time.
I did get to sneak in a dinner with my brother and his girlfriend. That’s where the fried shrimp head comes in. It is very delicious! And yesterday, I spent a day with my boyfriend at Downtown Disneyland trying to get customized name coke cans. It was a long day but I’m glad we both finally got the cans!

Now, I’m feeling a lot better and I can definitely feel the change of energy in me. I’m getting antsy and am ready to get into busy mode. I love it. Just feeling bit more productive than usual, ha!

And congratulations to Germany on winning World Cup finals! A long and intense game! :)


The past weekend was rather fun. I needed it after a week of being a lazy bum. I guess I felt really out of it. So the plan was to go to my youth group beach party. Until I got an email about volunteer meeting for LA Street Food Fest. So I had to go there first before I carpool on my way to the beach. I was really excited because it meant I get to go to my very first LA Food Fest and help out with the event. I’m hoping this will help me little bit with jobs but, of course, fun and experience are first! It is my first time in this kind of event so I was bit nervous but everything worked out and I had rather yummy cinnamon bun.


Then it was on the way to the beach. One thing I like to do at the beach is to run along the shore. Usually I run to the pier and back. This time I did twice. First time was bit hard and exhausting. The second time, I ran all the way and stopped at the pier. I had the most tranquil feeling ever. I stretched and watched the waves pushed through the poles and in no time, I was running back feeling all refreshed. I need to do this more often. I didn’t play football game because of the run but it’s a great feeling to be all refreshed!


This moment was kind of funny actually. So I got a smear of chocolate frosting as a birthday greeting from Sylvie. After that, I had a tinge of fear of whether anyone planned to smash a cupcake on my face. That was quite a scary moment. Ha!


And one of the most yummy parts was having tacos. Yes, we had grill over the fire and toasted tortillas over the wok and carne asada in a pot. With some garnish and lots of lemon (I really like citrus!), tacos for dinner! So all in all, it was a good day and I’m still sore all over. Nothing beats a day like this. Happy summer!

Yesterday, my friend needed a ride to do her errands and invited me for a lunch after. That 2 hours thing became all day thing. It was much needed for both of us and I’m so glad! We had lunch at Porto’s Bakery and we talked for three hours. Kind of crazy but it was just nice. Afterward, we headed to $10 Or Less Bookstore. I expected this place to be like every other typical discount bookstores but it is a little gem! I could stay there for hours and hours. I found several books and I couldn’t decide which one. I ended up taking two. I had to buy them or I would keep finding another book to buy.

You Only Live Once is a 1964 James Bond novel. I thought it was just neat and I never read any of the series. Psst. I just checked the cover and it is beautiful mustard yellow with letter pressed of Ian Fleming signature on it! Sky High is a children book and I’m absolutely in love with it! It is from Switzerland and was reprinted for USA. Written by Germano Zullo and illustrated by Albertine, it is a story about two neighbors who are trying to build the tallest house. The illustration is adorable and there are no story written, just words to explain tiny details going around the houses. I might have to get more of these and give ‘em as gifts. They’re perfect for designerds!

Isn’t it great?

On the way to the bookstore, we both saw the sign for Farmer’s Market and immediately, she said something while I asked her if it’s Wednesday at the same time. We didn’t exactly know what we were saying but we knew what it will be about. We squealed out of excitement that it was Wednesday. It was just funny. We actually got there late with an hour to spare because we spent two hours in the bookstore.

We found dinner, bumped into friends, bought veggies (for me) and honey and bracelets (for her). It was just perfect ending of the whole day.

Do you ever have days like this? Sometimes, I feel that we’re so into schedules and plans and everything that we forget to just have little break and enjoy the day.

So my last post (and maybe few posts), I was expressing my worries about finding jobs and not feeling ready to deal with the next phase.

Until. Yesterday.

It was my graduation. I was getting worried that my family and friends would get lost. I didn’t eat. I got up early and was stressing over my hair’s inability to cooperate. I had a dream the night before that someone was puking and I was getting a little irky. And my family was arriving just a little late and I was worried they wouldn’t be able to get into the seats in the deaf and hard of hearing section. There was the whole “when do I walk over from the journalism section to the deaf and hard of hearing section so I can watch interpreters?” and “when do I get up and run across the field to line up with my journalism department?” thinking.

The ceremony initiated and my interpreters and I were trying to find someone to let us know when it’s my turn to get up. My family arrived. My friends were there. They were sitting just couple rows behind me. Someone notified my interpreter and I then I walked up across the field to get into the line. As soon as I walked past by my classmates, I heard “Department of Journalism” and I screamed as loud as possible with my classmates. And I felt that was perfect timing and I couldn’t be any more happier.

I think at that moment, I just realized I was really ready to graduate and be done. Sure, I didn’t have anything planned out as I would like but I am ready. I walked across the stage and hugged every professor I knew and I was so happy.

I didn’t get to sit with anyone I knew really well so I stood out and hung out with my family and friends. It was fun and one of my friends made a huge cut out of my head. It’s kind of a tradition started few years ago, ha! After the graduation, I went to find my professors for pictures and have them sign on my cap. Then it was off to lunch at Yardhouse.

The day went so well. And I was genuinely happy. Haven’t you noticed? So my next few days are planned for other graduations, parties, meeting up with friends and job applications. Somehow, it made all my worries really minimal. I still have some worries but I’m not overthinking about them as much. It’s a nice feeling. :)

A quote on my roommate’s graduation cap and it is from a movie. Could not find a better title for this post. I was gone to focus on my finals and prepping for graduation. I’m now pretty much set to go! I finished all the papers, exam and projects. I decorated my cap and in less than 24 hours, I will be walking across the stage. Eek!

For those who want to see the graduation ceremony, here’s a link for live streaming: https://www.youtube.com/user/CalStateNorthridge My time is 8 in the morning. Yes, that early.

To be honest, I kind of want to just skip over the job hunting, finding place and being poor all the way to when I’m 80 years old, retired and teaching a pottery class or something. Although the latter part did not make sense because I never took a pottery class. But, I understand this is just part of the process into the adulthood (wait what? adult? already?)

It’ll be an interesting summer. I have goals and ideas of what I need to do. It’s just the matter of reaching it before summer ends. That’s my goal. School has always been my life and my security in knowing what to do next and now this is a little bit more exciting and scary at the same time.

Congrats to all the grads and may you all reach your goals :)


Few weeks ago, I flew to the East coast for spring break. I left on Saturday and head to Baltimore, MD and my friend drove me down to Washington, D.C. There I visited Gallaudet University, some Smithsonian museums, National Mall and many tourist spots. That weekend happened to be National Deaf Academic Bowl and I got to see few of my friends during my time at DAB. Then there were friends I met at Ms. Deaf America Ambassador Pageant. I explored the all over and even got to see cherry blossoms just in time. The last few days, I visited Arlington Cemetery and University of Maryland. I had wonderful time seeing my friends and catching up with them. The trip was just fun and I did not worry so much about school at all. Definitely a nice break!


Then the rest of the time is dedicated to school works with sprinkled of fun like paintball party, banquets and a 5K run. I plan to take as much fun and hard work in before I graduate just in less than a month!


This week is a strange week. Little by little, my to-do pile is shrinking but not as fast as I planned. And I’ve been looking forward to weekend when my spring break start. Recently, a friend of mine told me sad news about another friend. I hoped it wasn’t real. But few people and Facebook comments confirmed it. Then I hoped it wasn’t what I thought. It was.

This week was bit of “work hard, get things done,” “stop and smell the roses” and “thinking back” mixed up. It was very odd because I knew I can’t do anything so I wanted to be productive but at the same time, I’m disheartened by the news. So I dedicate this post in loving memory of Gianni “Gio” Manganelli.

I’m not going to lie but he was weird (in good way!) person. I met him through high school academic bowl. One game, he and I pretty much competed against each others nearly the whole first round, leaving our teammates to watch us (probably in amusement). Anyways, Gio is really intelligent and has soft heart. During my high school years, we kept in touch until we parted in college. Then it was hard to keep in touch when you don’t have updated contact information or if one of us keep closing Facebook account for a while.

I honestly have no words to say about this. I know some of you guys know him. There is a blog along with donation page, please contribute if you can.

To end on lighter note, he did mention this on Facebook: “1. Any girl who wants to be my girlfriend must have an ambition to do Kung Fu with me. That is dead certain.”

That is so true. It really shows his personality and that’s how I will remember him. :)

Joshua Skating



Nine Tries to Escape


I took in quite few photo sessions lately. Some were for assignments, some were for fun, but all for the memories. These are not even half the reason why I’m so darn busy! I enjoy it though. It’s the energy and people that keep me excited despite how much I whine for just ten minutes nap. I helped out with Just ASK Week, a big event hosted by Deaf CSUNians, and I’ve taken on new job position with new responsibilities. These are just some of the sprinkles on top of everything I already have going on. Whenever people tell me how busy I am, I just respond with this, “I’m surprised I even have time to eat!” It’s true. If it wasn’t for homework, I would be able to enjoy it a bit more with more sleep than usual. I love it, anyways. Now, my break is short and I intend to make up as much rest as possible. :)

The Bucket List

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