This week is a strange week. Little by little, my to-do pile is shrinking but not as fast as I planned. And I’ve been looking forward to weekend when my spring break start. Recently, a friend of mine told me sad news about another friend. I hoped it wasn’t real. But few people and Facebook comments confirmed it. Then I hoped it wasn’t what I thought. It was.

This week was bit of “work hard, get things done,” “stop and smell the roses” and “thinking back” mixed up. It was very odd because I knew I can’t do anything so I wanted to be productive but at the same time, I’m disheartened by the news. So I dedicate this post in loving memory of Gianni “Gio” Manganelli.

I’m not going to lie but he was weird (in good way!) person. I met him through high school academic bowl. One game, he and I pretty much competed against each others nearly the whole first round, leaving our teammates to watch us (probably in amusement). Anyways, Gio is really intelligent and has soft heart. During my high school years, we kept in touch until we parted in college. Then it was hard to keep in touch when you don’t have updated contact information or if one of us keep closing Facebook account for a while.

I honestly have no words to say about this. I know some of you guys know him. There is a blog along with donation page, please contribute if you can.

To end on lighter note, he did mention this on Facebook: “1. Any girl who wants to be my girlfriend must have an ambition to do Kung Fu with me. That is dead certain.”

That is so true. It really shows his personality and that’s how I will remember him. :)

Joshua Skating



Nine Tries to Escape


I took in quite few photo sessions lately. Some were for assignments, some were for fun, but all for the memories. These are not even half the reason why I’m so darn busy! I enjoy it though. It’s the energy and people that keep me excited despite how much I whine for just ten minutes nap. I helped out with Just ASK Week, a big event hosted by Deaf CSUNians, and I’ve taken on new job position with new responsibilities. These are just some of the sprinkles on top of everything I already have going on. Whenever people tell me how busy I am, I just respond with this, “I’m surprised I even have time to eat!” It’s true. If it wasn’t for homework, I would be able to enjoy it a bit more with more sleep than usual. I love it, anyways. Now, my break is short and I intend to make up as much rest as possible. :)

Okay. I started this post seven days ago and never got around to finishing it. So I’m going to start over and try to finish it. **Warning: It’s a long read!

The reason for the title was my self-reflection on why am I just so busy. My classes are wonderful, I’m excited to do projects and being involved with other activities. Basically, putting myself back on the map and just going full speed. I think I tend to push bit further or want to do something more than just satisfactory. This contribute to putting more effort and time into projects.

But it also means seeing what I can do. I can see where my bar is and how I can push that bar further, of course if the time allows it. For example, I’m taking a printmaking class. It’s fun and I get to learn about printing process.

Our first project is cutting linoleum to create a “stamp.” The first part was focusing on black and white prints with different papers and pressures. The second part was color prints so we need to have at least two layers print. My print was four layers. Black, white, blue and yellow. This meant a lot of carving and I managed to do that. And I really enjoyed the process. I just wish I had bit more time and I had the right paper the first time.

Another good example is my schedule next week. For my photojournalism class, I need to do at least one Feature, one News and one Sport event. Next week, I went to pitch for one sport event. I ended up getting myself into three different events to shoot. I just look at my calendar and just went, “What did I get myself into?!”

And my projects pile seem to get bigger and bigger. But I’ve learned to know when to stop. So the pile is big but manageable. Because of this, I think it contributed to my strong-driven personality.

So a lesson here. I may seem exhausted or just plain crazy (I know some people will agree on this), but I really enjoy this. It sets the bar higher for myself. And shows how much effort I do for whatever project I’m doing.

Quick updates: I had craziest two weeks, I think. It was trying to finish everything before San Francisco trip for Chinese New Year Parade (it was very fun!). Then I had to catch up everything the week after. And the stuff on my plate is increasing little by little but I’ve tackled some portions by portions. And I learn to make sure I save some for desserts ;)

Something for your eyes. I present you part 1 of my second printing project. Here is Raptor riding an asteroid. I have quite an imagination.

I’m not going to lie, the weekend has been very stressful for me and Kimb as well. She planned a weekend for her roommates to explore Los Angeles and I offered them a place to stay. Despite being frustrated with several changes of plans, the weekend was still eventful and enjoyable. I was able to bring a box from Porto’s in case they won’t be able to visit Porto’s. Yummy cheese rolls and potato balls! Venice Beach was one of the spots we went and it was just a perfect weather! Just walking around and her roommate, Morgan finally touched the ocean.

One thing Morgan said about California when she landed was how she could see the sun all day long. Ha! I guess California has its perks!

Tuesday was Moi’s birthday so we celebrate at Yardhouse and couple bars in Downtown Fullerton. I got him one of my favorite books, “The World According to Garp”. Who read this before?! And I’m catching up on my list of books I need to read. I’ve checked “Animal Farm” off the list and currently, it’s “The Catcher in the Rye.” Still plenty more books to read!

Now it’s time to enjoy last few days of the winter break. I must say I’ve learned that sometimes not everything will go the way you want to. And you have a choice to be upset for good time of period or fuss about it for a bit then go with the flow. You may find a surprise on the way. And remember, you do have at least someone you can vent to and keep yourself sane. ;)



First off, I hope you all had great Happy New Year! I ended 2013 with a bowling night with my parents, Matt and his parents. It was fun and something different, too. I also finished couple books, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and Ender’s Game (finally!). I was supposed to do a sketch about my 2013 but I never finished it. I think I’ll just leave that alone. And I finally got my official grades for last semester.

The next day was my family’s annual trip to see the floats. You know, just lots of flowers here and there and some cool floats. Including my favorite one, three aliens on a spaceship.

It was fun end to 2013 and start of 2014.

I’ve did a lot of thinking. Actually, I think I always do some intense thinking anyways. So the title of the post can be funny or serious, depending on how you see your situation. But sometimes they make best of the stories. Sometimes they make unfortunate stories. Who knows?

For one, it would be when my dad and I had planned an impromptu trip to Huntington Library. He needed to check the cross streets so I Googled on my phone. Then I realized, it was closed. Oops! We had few mishaps with our impromptu trips so it was kind of funny for me. We settled for walking around old town Monrovia afterwards so the day wasn’t wasted!

Or after the floats seeing, Matt and I went to Float, a soda pop and ice cream place, but it was closed and I needed to pee so badly. But we ended up at a Japanese place (it wasn’t good but they had good drinks!) and a long fun talk. So it was all good and I finally peed. You know that feeling!

On serious note, I’m a little worried about post graduation plans. I have an idea of what I would like to happen but I need to set down plans on how to get there. Heck, I need to figure out plans B, C, D and E!

I know being hectic and worrisome won’t help. I just need to remind myself to breathe and take one step at a time. I’ve had few too many moments when I would over think and start to doubt myself. So I just need to let that go sometimes. With that said, it is also one of my new year’s resolutions.

And to be a magically wonderful unicorn! ;)

Wedge Antilles Munny

A ballet performance, two big papers, a grammar quiz, a presentation and an exam later, I’m finally done with my fall (hopefully the last one) semester!

To be honest, I had a presentation about my product on Tuesday and I really did so well that my teacher wouldn’t stop smiling. I also asked for resume’s feedback from her and she said, “I’ll hire you!” I think all that gave me such an adrenaline rush and it was happiest moment at school since the whole semester. There were too many nervous and worrying moments along with feeling stressed with all my classes. I’m glad I survived! :)

There were Renegade Craft Fair in between (bought almost all my Christmas gift shopping there!), a trip to Candy Cane Lane, few games of Cards Against Humanity and Christmas party after the finals. Now I can relax just a little bit before doing an internship/job search and prepping for my last semester at CSUN! It’s strange for me. I don’t think anything hits me yet. For now, I’ll just let my brain has its own break, unwind before couple plans this week.

There is always something to do every week! But it’s okay. I’m always busy.

Oh and I got to paint a Munny. Decided to paint Matt’s favorite Star Wars character. It looks better than I thought! I’m pretty proud of it, hehe. What do you think!?

I don’t have much on my Christmas wishlist. Maybe, few fun stuff like Polaroid films and super cute dress but overall I’m pretty happy. It’s just one of those “I got a good feeling” moments.

Whoops! I meant to post about a fun event last couple weeks ago. I went to California Association of Deaf conference to give my Ms. Deaf California title to the next person. *drumroll*
Elena is Ms. Deaf California 2013-2015! There was a special event for this and we arrived early to get used to the stage and do a walk-through. There was a runway with lights and I couldn’t resist but told her to get on stage and had a fun photoshoot! The lighting was beautiful and we were all dolled up! I was glad to use my favorite dress again! Later that night, we had a long night of girl talk. Starting with her goal with this title then to her project then to our little “slumber party” girl chats. It’s been a while since I had one of those kinds of talks. We stayed until 2:30 in the morning and got up five hours later. I forgot how fun it was! Then we drove back to Northridge but not without stopping to eat at Duck’s! It was such a fun weekend!

This year, my parents left to Belgium (oh, how I miss the place!) and I think it was my first Thanksgiving without my parents. We did have early Thanksgiving dinner when my uncle flew in. So I’m glad I got to eat my mum’s sticky rice. This year, I went hiking at Runyon Canyon with Matt and his parents. I forgot it was one of those hikes that let you have dogs running around. I saw so many cute dogs! It was a good hike. We had Thanksgiving lunch after with yummy cupcakes (Thin Mint and Stuffed Pumpkin Pie!). Matt took a nap so I worked on a sudoku. I never finished it though. But I missed doing sudoku. It was something I did the first two years of college while my roommate did crosswords. We would cut them up and tape it on the wall. Hee, it reminded me of that.

Then Matt and I left to my brother’s house with 6 other cupcakes. Everyone (well, mostly my brother and the girls) were cooking up curry, mashed potatoes, chicken, vegetables and so on while the guys watched football. It was really homey and Ka Ho actually cooked! I tease, I tease. But it was a nice dinner with my brother and friends.
According to Ka Ho, we almost had every farm animal on the table except for turkey. Heehee, it was good to know we still kept the tradition of having BBQ pork! The dinner was delicious! And I did have good Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. :)

I know I say this every month, but this month will be another busy month! I’m working on 20-page paper and a project about a nonexistent product that I think it should exist. I’m glad my presentations are mostly done and I have one more left. It’s only a week and half until finals and strangely, I’m feeling a little bit nervous but as stressful as I should be. Maybe when it gets closer, I’ll be pulling my hair out. With few weeks left, I only have one more semester left of school. Kind of exciting and scary at the same time.

I just have so much work to do. But it will be worth it. :) Happy December! (Will the weather just get cold?! I very much want an excuse to wear beanies and scarves!)

Yes, this is my teacher who is actually pregnant. Isn’t that an awesome costume!? The tiny basket even have candies in it!)

I am mildly upset that some stores (*coughTraderJoe’scough*) already stop making pumpkin products. Yes, just mildly. Just because October is over, doesn’t mean pumpkin has to end now! It’s only November. It’s still FALL. Something is wrong with this! I am not happy. I no longer can have pumpkin granola cereal for snacks, pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast and I’m lucky to still have some pumpkin butter, pumpkin pancake mix and pumpkin waffles. And yesterday, I got pumpkin cupcake from CRUMBS. I got pumpkin cupcake because I’m trying to get as much pumpkin before they end it completely. The cupcake was delicious and I had half and my mom ate it. It was that yummy. Goodness gracious, I will always order the #PSL (yes, I dare to use hashtag.) from Starbucks or any cafes around. Is it really that obvious I like pumpkin? Can you die of eating too much pumpkin? I don’t think I have enough pumpkin last month or this month, anyways.

That’s my pumpkin rant. I still want more. While it’s still Fall, I will have pumpkin pie. I must have one before December hits. This month is another crazy month. I still have not finished couple of my projects. Or papers. Or anything, actually. Just one and half month to go and I’ll be done with this semester. It’s kind of crazy and so fast. But I’m keeping my head up and taking as much of these opportunities as I can!

I finally took out my smexy (it is, really!) SX-70. And used up the films. I was using impossible project Polaroid 600 films. But now they made ones specifically for SX-70, so I’m trying to finish the films and get them instead. This way I don’t have to play around and adjust exposure and filters.

One of the films came out so well actually.
photo 1
Isn’t he handsome!!

I have other films but it’s not with me at the moment. And yes, that is my lovely SX-70 in the background. Still in love with it. Time to save up and get the SX-70 films (or do anyone want to buy me for Christmas?? *winkwink*).

On more serious note, please pray/think for others in this world. We had so many incidents, LAX shootings and typhoon in Philippines.

Happy November. It is the month that reminds us to be thankful. But do be thankful for the rest of the year, not just November. :)

It’s Halloween season and most people are thinking about costumes. I needed quick ones and I’ve already thought of a costume to pair up with my friend. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to dress up together but one of the nights, I found someone who dressed the same costume!

First night was last Thursday. Deaf CSUNians, an organization from my campus, hosted a Halloween party and I dressed like this.
Yup, we’re minions from Despicable Me. We did not even know we were dressing up and we only met few times. It was awesome! I was so into my character, speaking in their gibberish language and looking for bananas. Whenever someone says, “butt,” I actually giggled. I really enjoyed my character a bit too much. It was a fun night and the other minion won 2nd place for best costume!

Then the next night was my friend’s party. Some of the girls and I dressed together as this.
It was all fun and many of our friends pulled some crazy costumes. We had Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (if White didn’t show up, there were some people assuming Jesse Pinkman came as a bum). There was Sulley from Monster Inc. Another minion. A bunny. A nerd and so on. One of the best costumes was a panda. And if you ever wonder what a white panda power ranger looked like, here is it. It’s morphin’ time!
Few friends and I left early from the party to go to Toms Warehouse Sale. We stayed from around midnight to the opening time, 7 a.m. Wrapped in blanket, sipping hot nutella and just waiting till the sun comes up. I’ve never done this before. But I did get a pair of shoes and a long sleeve shirt. I needed a nice clean pair to wear with my internship outfit. I’ve been using ratty and worn-up converse shoes. I paid around $30 which is a nice deal!

Now I’m back in my apartment doing some homework (well, trying to). And I have one more party to go tonight; it’s for three of our birthday friends. Phew! It has been a long week with every plans and classes that seems to be back-to-back with no breaks. I still wake up everyday and ask myself if I just survived the day before. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving break. It might be a nice long break in a while!

If you don’t hear from me anytime soon, have a happy Halloween! :)

LA Brewery
Okay, it should be called Fall season. But! The weather and the temperature are not consistent. Just not yet! It’s October already and I should be wearing more sweaters and scarves and beanies and all that! But one thing, I’m glad is pumpkin everywhere!

I love pumpkins. Pumpkin itself, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin granola, Pumpkin ice cream, Pumpkin butter (it’s amazing!) and so many more. Yes, I’m crazy but I love it!

For this month, I’ve been able to get my grilled cheese fix from Grilled Cheese Truck (best truck ever!), attended my first Big Show concert at CSUN (first one since… five years), finally went to Brewery in L.A. (see the picture above, people who lives/owns studios there are pretty neat) and still have so many plans. It’s kind of exciting, exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. Yes, I did the alliteration on purpose.

My mind is constantly running. It’s hard to slow down. I’m constantly finding things to keep me busy. I have a night class from 6 pm to 9:45 pm. Crazy, I know. My professor want us to be more engaged in class but I guess most of us were tired or even sleepy. So my professor actually brought coffee and donut holes. It was. Delicious. And see what I did with my coffee cup.

Words in the bubble says “It’s sugar and caffeine crashes waiting to happen.” Okay, I made grammar errors and fix it up on here but you get the point. And I did crash. About 30 minutes before the class end. It was rather a long day.

And a beginning of a long week, too. But hey, I survived 7 weeks already and just nearly halfway done! Here to a great October! Just pick up a pumpkin, will you? I have a white one! :)

The Bucket List

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